CT: Continuous Thread

Type of finish that requires about one complete turn to properly ensure closure.  Thread is one connected spiral circling the jar from start to end.

Dispensing Closure

Mechanism to allow the consumer to dispense product from the container without removing entire closure. Example is flip-top.


The specific measurement/ type of sealing thread on a container. Finish is used to mate with the correct cap.


High, Medium and Low Density Polyethylene: #3 recycle designation. Most commonly used plastic bottle resins; containers have a “cloudy” appearance. LDPE is a softer more pliable material.

Lug Finish

Thread is segmented and requires about 1/4 of a turn to seal container.


Interior closure material to achieve sealing of product between container and closure. Types of liner material are Plastisol in metal caps and pressure sensitive and induction seal material commonly found in plastic closures.


Polyethylene terephthalate; #1 recycle designation. PET is a plastic resin that is popular for food and non-food packaging. PET is noted for its strength, and transparency as well as the fact that it is lightweight, resealable, shatter-resistant and recyclable.